Flavours from around the world

Elaborated by Chef Christopher Brugnaux, the menu proposes a gastronomic “Nikkei” cuisine, a blend of flavors from Japanese and South American culinary traditions. This type of cuisine does not exist elsewhere in Cannes. “Indeed, we offer a cuisine that is experienced in the form of sharing, through a succession of dishes prepared with creativity, between land and sea.”

Thus, we will find sushi as well as ceviches or tiraditos. The idea is to start with a quality product such as otoro, tuna belly or Wagyu beef and work it in different ways according to the season. Raw in nakaochi-style tartare, in tiradito or ceviche or cooked on the Robata barbecue fueled with vegetable charcoal and cherry wood. Also on the menu, signature dishes such as baby spinach salad, shrimp tempura with spicy aioli and “Mido style” salmon tiradito. More or less spicy, these dishes make the most of flavours.


For sushi lovers, a wide selection of sashimi, nigiri, gunkans, maki and rolls, not to mention Signature sushi such as Temaki Mido style. A multitude of flavors and scents to discover simultaneously to share to make the discovery even more intense.

Sweet delights

The adventure cannot end without an experience of sweetness. For this, Pastry Chef Mathieu Marchand will tempt you with his sweet creations where the attention and precision given to the preparations devote the most unexpected combinations of flavors according to the seasons: miso vanilla roasted pineapple, sudachi meringue tart, chocolate mousse sphere with sakura praline and dark chocolate icing with timut pepper, or a mango infused in coriander and vanilla juice served with sweet avocado cream and thin black sesame tuiles.

original creations

For the aperitif or digestive, our team welcomes you with original and refined creations. Exit the traditional Mojito, Gin and tonic and other Margarita, here the creativity, the inspiration and the passion of the bartenders are the order of the day. Meticulously selected ingredients, spices, herbs, numerous references of liqueurs, alcohols and Sake will also allow the teams to compose ephemeral and tailor-made beverages according to your desires.

Mido’s flagship cocktails? The Coco Pandan made with Dynasty rum, vanilla liqueur, coconut milk syrup, yuzu, pineapple, cardamom and homemade pandan or the Roku Smash made with Roku gin, lemon edamame syrup infused with green tea and fresh basil.


La Môme Group has chosen to entrust the manufacture of its tableware to Gérard Crociani, ceramic craftsmen, from father to son, for three generations. Gérard Crociani has been a ceramist in Vallauris since 1994. He inherited, he says, the “know-how of his father”, Francis Crociani. “However, my work is different, my father was an artist and created only unique pieces of decoration. I took over his trade by working in series. The work is long. First there is the drawing, the choice of colors and then the firing.  All these steps are magical because it is always a surprise, you never know what it will look like ! The Crociani workshop provides tableware for big names such as the Eden Roc in Cap d’Antibes, the Maya Bay in Monaco or the restaurants of the Alain Ducasse group. It manufactures all the restaurant services for the La Môme Group: presentation dishes, plates, but also decorative pieces such as jars and candles.